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Subject:The cake we all love
Time:03:30 pm
Red Ribbon

Last July 2, 2013 I visited a Red Ribbon outlet near our home, located along Commonwealth Avenue beside the Shell Station and Ever Gotesco Mall. Here I met their Assistant Manager Mr. Ferdinand Cinco and we discussed a bit of the history of Red Ribbon as well as the products and services their shop offers to their valued customers. According to him Red Ribbon first presented to itself to the public in 1979, although the shop located in Commonwealth, Quezon City started out in the year 1981. Its first shop was located in Timog Avenue in Quezon City. It became popular as a shop that sells specialty cakes at an affordable price. Upon further research I found out that among its customers back then, their most famous cakes were their Mango Cream Pie, Ube cake and their Black Forest.
Also in the year 1984 Red Ribbon opened their first branch overseas located in West Covina, California. According to the assistant manager of the branch I visited, nowadays Red Ribbon has more than a hundred branches in the Philippines and about 30 plus branches in the United States (Some may be found in Las Vagas, New Jersey, New York and Virginia). And in the year 2005 the Red Ribbon branches in the Philippines was bought by the  Jollibee Food Corporation along with other food franchises including Chowking and Greenwich.
Currently according to Sir. Cinco their top selling products are the
Classic Black Forest
and Chocolate Moose for cakes
Triple Chocolate for rolls
and the Butter Mamon and Ensaymada for their breads.
Not only that now a days they also have this service called CBD or Cakes by Design which are decorative cakes which can cater to different events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even graduation. Although these cakes are made to order there are only a limited numbers of designs to choose from which can be see in all their branches in form of pictures. They also offer special promos like the buy 9 get 1 free in their specialty breads the mammon and ensaymada.

My favorite would have to be the triple chocolate roll. A definite must try!
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Subject:It started with a Strawberry
Time:08:17 pm
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Title: It started with a strawberry
Pairings: Inooyama
Author: Angelcry12
Rating: Er, PG-13
Warning: Weird writing style

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